Project Updates

  • Development: NEW Push Governance section in the Incentives website . Delegate voting power to your favorite PUSH Nominee!
  • Development: Audit started! News coming soon!!
  • Development: Showrunners framework Plug & Play QA passed . Started preparation to go LIVE, and publishing all the channels in our release pipeline!
  • Development: Channel Discovery features in final QA stage. Release coming soon.
  • Development: Frontend-SDK in QA .
  • Development: how about sending payloads directly to the PUSH nodes?
  • Featured: EPNS got featured in Anthony Sassano’s The Daily Gwei
  • Community:

  1. Grants Program
  2. 2) Weekly Rockstar NFT
  3. 3) Metagovernance.

There are 4 roles within EPNS Governance:

  1. PUSH Nominee: community members who can be delegated $PUSH to vote on proposals.
  2. PUSH Delegatee: nominees who have 75,000+ $PUSH delegated, and can create new proposals.
  3. PUSH Delegator: $PUSH token holders who can vote and/or delegate tokens.
  4. PUSH Champions: individuals from across the ecosystem who help…

Who are PUSH Delegatees?

What are PUSH Nominees?

How can I become a PUSH Nominee?

About Etherscan:

1: Download Trust Wallet application

Step 2: Access Search Token Screen

Step 3: Get Custom Token Information

About Global DX

The next beneficial “wave” bounce OFF $CTR holders

What is Yeld Farming?

What Does The Yeld Farming Entail?

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