A Minute with EPNS — Week # 44

Project Updates

  • Governance: Governance ready but sprinkling of [redacted] surprises will take few days✨ , any guesses 🤫 ?
  • Development: Protocol segmentation almost finished, writing test cases to ensure QA before audit 📦. For all the dev tech, checkout the new repo branch.
  • Development: PoolTogether, B.Protocol channels soon to enter QA, and 1 more channel in the works: TracerDAO! 👷
  • Development: Finishing QA and final tweaks to Uniswap 🦄 and Snapshot ⚡ channels. Starting deployment process soon.
  • Development: finalizing development activities for Channel Discovery 📡 features.
  • Development: Improvements to Showrunners Framework to make it 🧩 plug & play!
  • Feature: Forbes India featured Harsh Rajat and EPNS in their ‘Tech Brief’ podcast.🎙
  • Token Listing: 📈 PUSH/USDT and PUSH/INR trading is live on Zebpay, India’s leading crypto exchange with over 3Million traders worldwide.
  • $10M in TVL $PUSH 😎
  • Collaborations: 🥂 Really excited to be partnering with Idle Finance to bring their users Governance notifications. 📩
  • Community: Meet our week-17 ROCKSTAR Community NFT drop winner 💝 — @surpassinggoogl, our live AMAs with TrueFi & Ruler Protocol this week went great 🔥
  • Contests (Ended): WazirX hosted, an Independence Day 🇮🇳 special PUSH/INR trading contest and founders round table with Harsh Rajat participating in it. EPNS x Ruler Protocol meme contest is finally over. Winners announced soon. 🎁 Stay tuned!
  • Ongoing Contests:
  • #HotDeFiSummer 🌞 APR-guessing contest is here! 🤖 Grab $PUSH tokens 💰 by predicting the APR for staking PUSH LP tokens & staking PUSH on 10 Sep @ 2 pm UTC 🕑
  • 🎎 EPNS x TrueFi Meme Contest is live! 👻 Ends Aug 25th @5pm UTC 🕔
  • https://twitter.com/epnsproject/status/1426906201758093316



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Bassey Saviour

Bassey Saviour

I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.