A Minute with EPNS — Week # 47

The EPNS team hs been doing a lot thereby, crossing milestones and baggong achievements.

Below is what has happened in the past week.

Project Updates

The Team has been able to implement some updates on the protocol as it benefits both the EPNS nd users together. Here are some implementations that took place in the past week.

  • Governance: EPNS Governance is LIVE. PUSH Delegatees nominations now are open
  • Development: Audit is just around the corner. Expect news soon!
  • Development: FrontEnd-SDK almost ready . Entering QA next week!
  • Development: Oasis.App, PoolTogether channels in QA. bZx, B.Protocol, and TracerDAO in the pipeline for release
  • Development: Showrunners framework Plug & Play in QA, soon to be promoted to PROD.
  • Gitcoin: Our journey from grantee to grantors. Read why EPNS is sponsoring Gitcoin Grants 11 (GR11), supporting early stage Web3 projects

Ongoing Contests:

As you all know, Community is important and EPNSdoesnt joke with that.

Here are some contests that went down to engage the community


Weekend Vibes

The EPNS teas is working hard to make PUSh notifications available to all blockchain users and the results has been positive.

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