An Intro To Ethereum Push Notification Service and Polygon

Bassey Saviour
Aug 17, 2021


The Ethereum Push Notification Service is a notification system that allows users to get notifications via their wallet addresses. It uses @0xPolygon’s infrastructure to offer scalable, low-cost notifications using the EPNS protocol.

There is currently no notification mechanism for Web 3.0 that may tell users or wallet addresses of essential updates, events, actions, and so on, which means that many important events or required user activities are missed entirely.

EPNS’ push notification service aims to address this. To achieve this efficiently, the notification is stored and processed as a JSON payload, which is then changed according to the rules of the various carriers once it reaches them.

The EPNS team is working tirelessly to bring Push Notification services to all blockchain users and in the next decade, there will be a takeover.