AnRKey X Releases BenefitsOf Technical Stack

Bassey Saviour
3 min readMay 4, 2021

Constructing DeFi NFT-powered games which offer equal opportunities for all our users is central to our activities in AnRKey X.

In that respect, The Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform (gDEX), which is supported through AnRKEY X innovative smart contracts, has been built using fair market model and Satoshi’s core ethos.

The Battle Wave 2323 flagship is a perfect example of what the team wanted to accomplish when they first developed the revolutionary ideas behind their gDEX.The system of value and rewards is connected to their own innovative derived value engine, which dictates the value of Total Volume Locked on the platforme, including the value and amount of rewards obtained, as well as the price $ANRX token, among other variables.

The higher the $ANRX token price, the more TVL available on the platform and the weekly price of a weekly prize pool of up to nearly $ 1,000,000 ANRX, the higher the higher the value!

Below are the details of every key feature of The gDEX architecture.

DApps of m$portsTM

Money Sports’ new AnRKey X game industry (m$portsTM) provides users with a unique gaming experience that combines economics, physics, biology, game theory.

The result is unique games, with advanced blockchain design and state-of-the-art gaming infrastructure that are compatible with all major development platforms and motors, on the edge of reality.

All m $portsTM games are decentralized (DApp) apps that are built on our gDEX protocol, which enables all developers to publish m$portsTM DApps and uses AnRKey X advanced toolsets.

Randomization of Bitcoin-like Rewards

So They randomize rewards in all our m$ports games on their gDEX platform, so that everybody has a good winning shot.

In particular, the ultra-seldomite and ultra-valuation annual percentage yield (APY) boosters distributed among winners of Battle Wave 223TM each weekly game are preserved for the distribution of the Newton’s Inertial Golden Kale Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The team is inspired by the Bitcoin mining industry, where miners solve cryptographic block problems in a certain time frame, with rewards for solving the consensus algorithm being randomly distributed to block miners.

Base value derived from NFTs

All of AnRkey X’s ecosystem’s non-fertile tokens (NFT) and their new m$ports game industry, have a derived basic value, which drives the inherent value of their game components.

Typically, NFTs are toks that represent something invisible such as an art piece or a digital accomplishment without any basic value.

In contrast, to do something brand new: to give our NFT a basis value, which gives them a real value, a common monetary value in the ecosystem of the M$ports game, supported by factual economics and the value inherent to gaming.

The method is based on time and competitive distribution as a “base value derived.”

You can read the full article by The team here

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