Backstop Liquidity Platform B.Protocol has partnered with EPNS Push Notifications.

B.Protocol has created a decentralized backstop liquidity protocol that gives backstop liquidity providers (BLPs) the ability to liquidate under-collateralized loans on Compound, MakerDAO, and other platforms in the near future. Profits are better now that liquidators aren’t bidding up gas prices as the most important transaction for undercollateralized loans. Platform users benefit from the BLPs’ larger revenues. As a result, lenders and borrowers get a higher rate of return than they would otherwise get.

The B.Protocol smart contract links the many lending platforms, giving lenders and borrowers a variety of interest rates and fees to choose from. Managing loan and liquidation, on the other hand, necessitates communications from a variety of platforms, as there is no common messaging service. Decentralized push notifications are one crucial component that is missing. Users of the DeFi lending platform rely heavily on notification services to handle loan services, such as:

  • Data price feeds such as the best lending interest rates and liquidity pool fees

When B.Protocol users engage with internal and external data sources, a push notification service would allow all platform users to receive and act on key lending notifications in real time while still safeguarding data privacy.

EPNS’s Alternative

The EPNS decentralized push notification service distributes timely messages to investors’ wallets via a single point of communication. All notifications are delivered to the user’s wallet, where they may act quickly. EPNS is the first native, on-chain notification service that sends all critical, time-sensitive information directly to a user’s wallet. B.Protocol users benefit from the partnership in the following ways:

  • EPNS will send all data notifications directly to B.Protocol user wallets.

EPNS’s Support for B.Protocol

EPNS is developing a dedicated B.Protocol channel as part of this trial program (see our lightpaper for definitions of channels, services, and more). Users who subscribe to the B.Protocol channel will receive personalized notifications in their wallets. We will get insight into the push notification demands of users of lending platforms and what they desire from the EPNS protocol through collaboration with the B.Protocol team.

Decentralized alerts will deliver real-time data to a single wallet, allowing all users to act quickly. Lenders and borrowers can compare interest rates and fees across loan platforms to find the best deal. Meanwhile, all users can continue to function within B.Protocol’s private, secure ecosystem across various loan protocols without having to deal with the hassles of integration across several protocols.

The pilot program’s long-term objective is to provide a notification system for future B.Protocol versions. Push alerts will be an important service for DeFi lending users, who can easily integrate the EPNS protocol into their wallet. We hope to collaborate closely with B.Protocol users in the future to develop new messaging alternatives to satisfy their evolving push notification needs.

About B.Protocol

B.Protocol is a backstop liquidity protocol for decentralized lending platforms. A new DeFi lego primitive, bringing traditional finance systems best practices into DeFi, aiming to stabilize the ever growing market of DeFi assets which are crucially dependent on adequate liquidation processes. By creating better liquidation systems we unleash better capital efficiency for the entire DeFi ecosystem. B.Protocol is a fully decentralized protocol which is being governed by $BPRO token holders.

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About Ethereum Push Notification Service

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is a decentralized notification protocol that enables any smart contracts, dApps or even traditional services to send notifications to wallet addresses, as long as those wallet addresses have opted in to receive them from that particular service.

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