• Staking,
  • Lending
  • Liquidity providing.

About Duet Protocol

What is Bonded Duet (bDUET)?

Benefiting From bDuet

Benefits of bDuet

  • Rather than being a dormant asset that allows you to slumber for days, months, or even years, you should invest in a highly liquid asset.
  • bDUET builds a healthier tokenomics from day one, helping both the communities and the project lay a stable foundation for future secondary market performance, rather than Ve(3,3) being largely reliant on continual awards given out.
  • bDUET-DUET pools allow you to engage in the DUET for a fraction of the cost, allowing diamond hands to work on the project more comfortably. From bDUET Jun 2022 to bDUET Mar 2022, the later the maturity date, the more DUET you will receive in the end.
  • Ultra scalability: From the start, Bonded Duet will be the BaaS (Bond-as-a-Service) platform, allowing the whole crypto ecosystem to run on a more sustainable token economy.

How to Purchase bDuet


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