Celebrating the “FRENS” of EPNS

It's celebration time! The EPNS has had a lot of achievements, progress, and collaborations across the board.

This article will take us deep into each collab as we celebrate and remember how far the EPNS team has come. Here are the #FrensOfEPNS


  • THE Ethereum-based decentralized exchange Together w/ Uniswap has created a way for users to receive notifs directly to their wallets, notifying them of new governance proposals and more to come! They are also lending EPNS their expertise in building our protocol.

2. @ceramicnetwork

  • Managing and processing mutable information on the open web EPNS collaborated with Ceramic to create a decentralized identity system that increases security and enables us to send notifications directly to user DIDs! Ceramic is also helping to build EPNS core.

3. @PoolTogether_

  • Decentralized, permissionless, and gamified protocol, providing an alternative for savings Using EPNS, PoolTogether will allow its users to receive prize pool notifications in the future!

4. @Gitcoin

  • THE open web developer community.EPNS is bringing new communication channels to Gitcoin, helping them in their mission to bring together developers that care about the open web, cryptocurrency, and blockchain as a whole!

5. @0xPolygon

  • Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. EPNS is implementing Polygon’s infrastructure inside EPNS and helping them create the ‘Internet of Blockchains’! They are also adding a notification layer to Polygon’s entire ecosystem.

6. @AlphaFinanceLab

  • Interoperable Defi ecosystem. EPNS is providing Alpha’s users with a notification channel whereby the team explores notification use cases such as being at risk of liquidation on leveraged positions!

7. @AaveAave

  • The DeFi liquidity protocol Using EPNS, Aave users will receive notifications when their loans in Aave-Polygon reach a low health factor. This collaboration also helps EPNS shape its protocol to cope with the most demanding DeFi needs!

8. @gnosisSafe

- The operating system for DAOs. EPNS is now one of Gnosis SafeSnap launch partners, and this will foster a good relationship that allows SafeSnap in the EPNS ecosystem to allow greater fluidity in governance.

9. @YamFinance

  • A community-owned DAO in Defi space Adding a notifications channel for YAM users to subscribe and receive alerts on use cases such as governance actions and alerting users of liquidation risks. EPNS is also working together to further refine EPNS protocol v1.

10 . @FrontierDotXYZ

  • Chain Agnostic Defi Aggregation EPNS is working to implement its protocol and decentralized push notifications on Frontier’s wallet, which also indirectly helps EPNS advance its push for Web 3.0 and the communication layer of Ethereum!

11. @unstoppableweb

  • Enabling users to take back control of their data Unstoppable Domains helps EPNS simplify long and complex #ethereum addresses by allowing users to switch to a [Name].crypto format! EPNS now supports .crypto domain names.

1 @bZxHQ

  • Ethereum-based financial protocol for lending and borrowing Adding notifications to bZx’s platform will allow its users to both increase rewards and lower risks when trading on margin. Instead of relying on official comms channels, users can be notified instantly!

13. @Superfluid_HQ

  • Programmable Cashflows on Ethereum, EPNS is joining forces to explore sending notifications automatically after a stream is started, edited, or cancelled. With the Superfluid team, EPNS is also exploring new creative ways where Web3 notifications fit in!

14. @biconomy

  • Building inter-chain tx infrastructure for Web3.0 Our collab with Biconomy aims to improve communications by pushing notifications to relayers when crucial information is at play. They’re also helping the EPNS team build the core of #EPNS!

15. @DefiNft

  • The Defi Interest bearing NFTs. EPNS looks forward to allowing sending instant notifications for Charged Particle users for nearly all activities happening within their NFTs. This collab will also help bring new insights for protocol v1.

16. @clrfund

  • The permissionless quadratic funding protocol for Ethereum public goods. This collab with clrfund aims to create a new communications layer to keep users informed about events happening during a round.


  • Unlocking the True Potential of Decentralized Finance. EPNS is collaborating to create a more transparent user experience and notifying users about their trade and loan positions, eliminating the need to monitor their accounts or social media.


  • The Cross-chain prediction market protocol Together with PlotX. EPNS is bringing a new communication channel for users to be up to speed with all trading opportunities and never miss a prediction!

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