Creator partners with Global DX to penetrate Japanese Market

In order to penetrate the Japanese market and gain unrestricted access, The Creator team has decided to Partner with Global DX.

About Global DX

Global DX is a company that helps overseas startups and Japanese corporations collaborate across borders. The founders of Global DX have mediated over 20 PoCs between foreign startups and Japanese enterprises since 2019, and have developed their PoC design process to be most effective and impactful for both sides. They have decades of business expertise across multiple industries in Japan.

The Global DX team also strives to make (successful, impactful) ccross-border collaboration with overseas startups open to all Japanese companies, and to accelerate rapid digital transformation (DX) in Japan and elsewhere.

About This Partnership

This relationship with Global DX was the next best move for Creator as we strive to build DeFi, NFT gaming, and other Blockchain services. It’s a necessary and positive step toward gaining a better understanding of the Blockchain sector in Japan, which has a large number of NFT game participants. Creator will soon open the door for any game studio and developer in Japan to access the gamified NFT and Blockchain business as a result of this collaboration.

In this golden NFT mine, the NFT market is promising a rising star. With transparency and cutting-edge technology, the creator team can provide enormous value to the Japanese NFT community.

About Creator:

Creator is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower DeFi and NFT world.

Find out more about Creator:

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I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.

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Bassey Saviour

Bassey Saviour

I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.

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