Creator Mainnet Launch Giveaway

Creator platform finally launched its No Code Smart Contract on the last day of 202.

To celebrate this memorable milestone for the Creator Chain Network with the community, a $500 giveaway was launched in regards.

Giveaway Details:

Total reward: $500 USDT

Total winner: 34

Time: 3:00 PM UTC, Dec 31, 2021–3:00 PM UTC, Jan 3rd, 2022

How to participate:

Complete all the tasks required in the Gleam Competition.

How to claim the rewards:

  • The winners are selected based the number of friends referred:

Top 1 Shiller: $100 USDT

Top 2 Shiller: $50 USDT

2 Top 3 Shillers: $25 USDT

30 lucky winners: $10 USDT

  • The winners’ list will be released on Creator’s Twitter and Telegram channel on Monday, Jan 6, 2022, and tokens will be distributed within 10 days after the winner’s announcement.
  • Creator has all rights to decide and distribute rewards to the winners.
  • All the participants will be checked thoroughly so make sure to complete all mandatory tasks. Those with unfulfilled tasks will not get any reward.



Web3 Content Strategist and Community Manager.

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