Creator Staking Pools:How to stake $CTR tokens

To reward the community and dedicated users, Creator chain network has opend a staking pool where you can now stake $CTR tokens to earnmore $CTR tokens.



Step 1: Join the Creator website then choose the Staking option on the toolbar. Then we have a new window like the picture below

Step 2: Choose your network and collect your wallet.

2 Main Networks including BSC and Ethereum are being supported by Creator Chain. So you can choose either BSC or Ethereum.

Step 3: Choose one pool to stake $CTR

This section will offer you different pools to choose from which are as follows:

  • No lock-up pool: you can stake and unstake any moment you want. This pool allows you to earn a fixed APR of 3–5% of the initial fund you stake.
  • 90-day locked pool: Once staking starts, you can only unstake after 90 days. This pool allows you to earn a fixed APR of 14%.
  • 180-day locked pool: Similar to 90-day locked pool. Once staking starts, you can only unstake after 180 days. However, this option would bring you the highest yield of 28%.

Step 4: After taking No lock-up pool option, there is a new window as the picture show

Step 5: click on “Confirm” to continue

After the transaction is approved, you can start staking $CTR by entering the amount of CTR tokens you want to stake or click on “Max” to stake all CTR tokens on your wallet. Then choose “Stake”

Step 6: A new popup will appear which show amount of $CTR token you would like to stake. After check the number, click on “Confirm

Step 7:Your Metamask will appear one more time which show the fee of staking, after checking the fee, you click on confirm to finish it.

You can view the transaction on Etherscan after it has been submitted by choosing “View on explorer.”
And kudos to you for successfully staking CTR tokens.

Step 8: Now move back to the home Creator Staking page, you can check your staking status now.


You can stake $CTR tokens and earn yield with only a few easy clicks. Please keep in mind that the total allocation reward is 3,000,000 CTR; once it reaches this amount, all pools will be sealed, and no one will be able to stake. CTR tokens can still be unstaked and claimed by those who have already staked them. You have until now to begin staking CTR, or you will miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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