Earning With Keplerswap

Bassey Saviour
2 min readSep 28, 2021


In the past 5 years, Cryptocurrency has proven to be a secure and legitimate way to earn passive income.

The blockchain technology that enables bitcoin transactions also functions as a decentralized ledger system, meaning that all transactions, records, and accounts are visible to anyone with access to the internet. Transactions are also private and quick.

How wonderful is it because there are no intermediaries like banks or clearing agents? Without revealing your identify or location, you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world. You won’t even need a bank if you have access to the internet!
Keplerswap discovered this hidden gem and chose to use it to reward its active users and community members.
This might be your last chance to achieve financial independence! Continue reading to learn more about generating passive income using cryptocurrency.

Here are 5 possible Ways to Earn with Keplerswap

Direct Referral

The sole relationship between you and the party you recommend who participates in KeplerSwap is effective for the duration of your lifetime.

This simply means that a Party can profit from every deal made on KeplerSwap by a referred party. Furthermore, all KeplerSwap transaction costs are repaid to all platform users at a rate of 95%.

Direct Referral to Liquidity Yield Farming

You should know by now that a proportional total of each KeplerSwap transaction is accumulated in the LUCKY POOL Lottery, which is run every 7 days of accrual. This approach relies on the calculation of Hash Function Random Number, making it difficult to cheat.

The Lottery also selects 11 lucky users at random, one of whom receives half of the prize, and the remaining ten people divide the remaining half of the prize equally.

Two categories of users are entitled to join this lottery:

“1. Ranked among the top 30% of the Liquidity Yield Farming sum;

2. Ranked among the top 30% of the total amount that you recommend others to participate in the liquidity Yield Farming”

. Space

Every owner in Keplerswap is enttled to one identity.

  • By Joining another SPACE

Whereas SPACE OWNERS are entitled to some benefits:

“1. Space Owner can gain 1% of Liquidity Yield Farming of all members. The reward is available in your lifetime. Then the increasing numbers of SPACE members and the volume of Liquidity Yield Farming bring more earnings of the SPACE Owner.

2. Every trade has a proportional sum that is accumulated to SPACE POOL. Community voting is conducted after 30 days of accumulation. The top 20 SPACEs can equally share the POOL undergoing 30 days of accumulation.”

. Profit Brought by SDS Premium

This is an infinity reward for $SDS token belivers and holders.

With the Future price prediction, Holders will be rewarded.


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