• EPNS Protocol (Send Notifications)
  • PUSH Nodes (Retrieval & Dispatch)
  • Governance of EPNS Protocol
  • Front-End products: dApp, MobileApp, Browser extension
  • Development SDKs and Documentation
  • Showrunners (to enable traditional services to interface with Web3)

EPNS Protocol (Send Notifications)

  • Upgradability with on-chain governance upgrades
  • Ability to create channels
  • Ability to subscribe / unsubscribe
  • Ability to passively earn through staking (by services) — lending (via protocol) — interest (to users)
  • Ability to send notifs
  • Delegating multiple user wallets to send notifications on a channel’s behalf
  • Enabling subscription via meta transactions
  • Verification badges and social proofs that can be used as a reputation score and to filter channels on the frontend
  • Pivoting to delivering all notifs even when a user is not a subscriber of a channel. Instead, having provisions to land them into spam box achieving the same result but a more adaptable UX
  • Designing the spam score throttle to ensure automatic throttling of notifs
  • Layer 2 support for the protocol
  • Integrating Ceramic decentralized identifier (DID)

Push Nodes (Retrieve and Dispatch)

The Current Features:

  • The cache of channels/payloads
  • Capability to map subscribers addresses to channels in the database
  • Ability to deconstruct and synchronize payloads sent from a channel in the payloads database
  • Connect wallet addresses to deviceIDs
  • Establish a peer-to-peer network of PUSH nodes
  • Implement a P2P Push nodes incentive mechanism
  • Pinning of notification payloads on IPFS


  • Introduced liquidity mining and staking on https://incentives.epns.io
  • Introduced $ROCKSTAR of EPNS NFTs and $PUSH rewards to signal gratitude to early community and to reward new community and their participation in the ecosystem. Read more about it here.
  • Upgradeability through online voting
  • Incentives towards developing 3rd party channels via the protocol
  • Incentives for active participation in the protocol

Development SDKs, and Documentation

Technical Documentation

  • How to Create channels?
  • How to Send notifications through the dApp?
  • How to deliver automated notifications?


  • dApp (decentralized App)
  • MobileApp (iOS & Android)
  • Browser extension.

Showrunners (Notification Logic Nodes)

  • Routines to ensure business continuity, making provisioning a priority by implementing channel monitoring with alerting and automatic funds flow from Master Wallets to Supporting Wallets
  • Channels testing tools for developers
  • Notifications scheduling capabilities blockchain-based and event-based
  • Database Support, Cache layer, and Logging
  • Ability to send email from AWS SES
  • Ability to send notifications from multiple wallets for the same channel
  • Robust list of channels that provide significant value to the community covering a wide variety of topics such as DeFi, DAOs, Services, NFTs, and marketplaces.

The RoadMap

About Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS)



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