Ethereum Push Notification Services Partners with Yam Finance to Bring the Power of Web3Notif to the Awesome YAM Community.


YAM Finance happens to be one of the largest community-owned DAOs in the DeFi space and this project has been at the forefront of launching some of the ecosystem’s most innovative products, including Degenerative Finance, which includes synthetic futures that can be used to hedge gas prices or speculate on assets like stocks and NFTs.

Users of YAM are currently forced to rely on Discord bots to receive warnings, and these alerts can get lost in the shuffle.
- Changes in the collateral ratio are an example of such warnings (putting them in close risk for liquidation)
- Any price fluctuations occur
Today, they are hardly able to keep up with community growth and do not adhere to the Web3 idea of true decentralization.

EPNS has teamed up with the YAM Finance team to create YAM’s communication and alerts layer. Because the EPNS team is one of the best communities and protocols in the DeFi area, they will collaborate with the YAM team to allow YAM users to benefit from notifications!

Based on their significant contributions, this partnership will also help in understanding the requirements of innovative services in the market and developing additional features for the EPNS protocol V1.

The pilot program with YAM Finance will consist of:

  • Creating a channel for YAM Finance to notify users of liquidation risks. Users will also get notified before reaching their minimum collateral ratio.
  • Exploring and building further important notifications for various use cases in the YAM Ecosystem, such as alerts on governance actions (snapshot and on-chain votes).
  • Both teams work together to enable technical discussions towards building a decentralized communication layer that is scalable and powerful for the whole of Web3.0.

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