Fabwelt has teamed up with EPNS to deliver crypto gaming push alerts.

The crypto-world has gone insane as a result of the rapid public use of NFTs and their potential. Although digital and generative art popularized NFTs, there is another business developing in the shadows that has the potential to become the next big thing in terms of NFTs: Blockchain and Crypto gaming.

About Fabwelt

Fabwelt is a revolutionary concept that brings the worlds of blockchain, NFTs, and gaming together. We leverage blockchain technology to build an advanced gaming platform and bring the future to gamers in terms of utilities, incentives, and rewards.

About This Partnership

With this recent partnership,EPNS will collaborate with Fabwelt to achieve the following:

  • Creating a channel for Fabwelt that will allow them to communicate with their users about tournament timelines such as the Start and End of tournaments, and major announcements such as winner declaration, giveaways, etc.
  • Creating a channel for their Marketplace which will notify users about new in-game NFT drops, listings, and ‘Almost Out of Stock’ alerts
  • Creating a channel for in-game invitations during gameplay, or user-to-user and organizer-to-user invites to join a game room.


On the Polygon network, Fabwelt will provide a variety of features, including the usage of NFTs as in-game utilities, Play to Earn games, novel fantasy gaming integration, staking, an NFT market, and a one-of-a-kind platform for up-and-coming artists.

About Ethereum Push Notification Service

EPNS is building the world’s first open communication layer for the Web3 ecosystem, first for Ethereum and then for L2s and other blockchains. The protocol enables any smart contracts, dApps, or traditional servers to send notifications tied to wallet addresses of a user in a platform-agnostic fashion (ie: notifs can be integrated and shown on any crypto wallet, mobile apps, extension or dApps).

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