Introducing ZoidPay For Shopping With any Crypto Asset At all

What Is Zoidpay?

The ZoidPay Ecosystem

  • The ZoidPay Marketplace
  • $1B+ daily liquidity

The ZoidPay Wallet


The ZoidPay Crypto Card

  • White label solution available

$ZPAY Token

  • Handle all the transactions taking place in the ZoidPay ecosystem
  • Avail of staking yields and cashback rewards
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Accessing exclusive DeFi features

Why Use $ZPAY?

  • Exclusive Staking: Stake your ZPAY tokens and earn weekly rewards in the ZoidPay Wallet.
  • Special Deals and Discounts: The more ZPAY tokens you hold or stake, the higher the benefits are in the ZoidPay Marketplace.
  • Zero Transaction Fees: token holders pay ZERO fees for on-chain ZPAY transactions.
  • Ecosystem Exclusive Defi: seamless borrowing, lending, crypto-to-FIAT gateway, staking mechanisms, and more.

Where Can I Buy ZoidPay (ZPAY)?




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