KoiStarter, the Creator’s Launchpad, is now available!



  1. Multi-chain support: After extensive testing on the testnet, Koistarter will soon support Polygon and Creator pools, in addition to Ethereum and BSC pools.
  2. Backed by Creator: KoiStarter is confident in bringing you a highly secure system you can trust, thanks to a cutting-edge platform and blockchain professionals from Creator Chain Network.
  3. Fairness: You can enjoy the benefits of an inclusive guaranteed allocation tier and first-come-first-serve based on the pool weights assigned to participate in our IDO’s rounds since KoiStarter is building a fair launchpad and fair distribution incentives for all participants.
  4. Highly-vetted and Profitable projects: Before launching on KoiStarter, all ideas will be hand-picked and put through rigorous testing by our R&D team.
  5. Incubation for Projects: Not only will KoiStarter be a launchpad, but it will also be a partner who will assist you with pre-marketing, sales execution, token listing, staking, vesting, and liquidity mining after the sales.
  6. Supportive community from Creator Platform:KoiStarter takes advantage of the Creator Platform’s competitive advantage, benefiting from the Creator Community’s and Ecosystem’s strong and positive influence.



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