P2P Push Nodes — Web3’s method of communication!

EPNS Protocol Overview / Recap

  1. validation and governance via EPNS Core and
  2. communication via EPNS Communicator smart contracts and SDKs.

EPNS Core (Governance Smart Contract)

  • Channel Creation
  • Channel Modification
  • Channel Blocking / Deletion
  • Verified Channels
  • Fees Management among token holders, etc

EPNS Communicator

  • Opt-in for notifications
  • Sending Notifs
  • Delegating responsibilities of Notifs to other wallets
  • Verifying multichain channel creation, etc


  • Listening: Every blockchain has Push Nodes that listen to EPNS Communicator smart contracts. They also allow for off-chain or direct communication through API requests from a backend or a dApp. EPNS can support almost any Web3 service thanks to its on-chain and off-chain communication listening.… ie: smart contracts, dApps, backends or direct payloads!!
  • Validating and Governing: Validation (checking if the channel exists, is not spamming, is cross-chain validated, etc.) of the communication generated by the EPNS Communicator layers occurs via the EPNS Core layer, which has functions to enable governance and verify the presence of the channel.
  • Admitting to Network / Dispatching: Finally, the Push Nodes accept notifications that are linked to a network wallet address, which can subsequently be accessed by any crypto frontend / wallet to show them. The dispatch capability is also provided in these nodes to allow bridging of Web3 notifications to be shown in Web2 apps in the event that the wallet / frontend / software wishes to do so rather than handling direct socket connections.

Push Nodes Architecture Deep Dive Infographic

Key Functionalities of the Push Nodes

  • History Fetcher (Syncing / Indexing)
  • Web Sockets (Receiving)
  • Validation and Admittance (Validators)
  • Dispatching via Web Sockets (Dispatching)
  • Dispatching via Web3 to Web2 bridge (Dispatching)


About Ethereum Push Notification Service



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