Surviving 3 Partners As A Nigerian Bi-sexual Man.

Bassey Saviour
7 min readJan 11, 2021

This is my story of surviving emotional abuse for 3 years as a Nigerian bisexual man.




These were the the expressions on Oteejoe’s Face .

He was the unprepared interviewer who got an impromptu call and a package consisting a list of questions to bombard me with at Atlantic fm Uyo Akwaibom state .

It was a bright Tuesday morning when I stepped out to have breakfast at “Eka Udo foods”, a local but internationally recognized eatery in the city of Uyo, known for it’s extra ordinary ,mouth watering local dishes. An eatery where people of different calibers let go off their pride to feast and chop life .

I was craving the intense thrusting of thick Eba soaked with the tasty juice of Afang soup when I got the first mail .

I immediately experienced a very Swift mood swing .


That was all my head could say even though my mouth couldn’t speak .l lost my appetite immediately and I kept thinking to myself “Is it by force????” Can this dude just free my life ??”

Waiting for my mailbox to reload ,my eyes caught the mail I got 2 days ago from “Ope”

“God why?? Why today ??? Why nau? Won’t I just eat this afang soup and Garri in peace ? If I loose my appetite finally , my #3,500 will burn to ashes . Okay God. can’t you see the amount of meat I bought ?Its expensive o ,God!!!!”

These thoughts ran through my mind as I stared at my cracked poverty stricken iPhone 6 screen .

I stared at my phone and was lost in thoughts .Little did I know that I was seated amongst “MEN”

“Bruh that maram say make I ask why you no dey chop”

These were the exact words of the waiter that came to meet me,with her very corrosive ibibio accent, she uttered those words and pointed her little finger across the table to a woman sitting opposite mine .

With a big smile she waved and I waved back .

My day was here ! My day had come !!! Finally a sugar mummy !! God thank you!!!

I celebrated and thought as much till she walked over to my table and asked why I was staring at my phone. I casually replied “it’s nothing” .

She had been observing for over 30 mins according to her , i couldnt hide it anymore and that was how I got into a deep conversation with the “Program manager” of Atlantic FM Uyo .

A good talk it was . We finalized and I was asked to come in on Thursday morning to share my story .

After surviving Emotional Abuse for over 3 years with 3 toxic partners , I have concluded that the Nigerian system isn’t safe for The LBBM ( living broke bisexual Men) community .

I have decided to call out my abusers and live in peace. I deserve to heal and if this is the best way possible , I will do it . Let the world know how much I’ve suffered in my toxic relationships for the past 3 years . I deserve justice!.

In no particular order , I will begin :

Before I start, I would love to thank my friends for encouraging me and standing by me all these years.

To Precious, Mark, Alfred,Emmanuel, Iddy, Favour, Idara ,Prince, I love you guys ❤️❤️.


Through a promotional code , I got to know him . We really didn’t talk much but we had a connection on our first date .

He always took good care of me , sent me random codes to enjoy free rides and always made sure I was comfortable.

It took months before the first switch .

I was broke and I couldn’t contact Uche so I decided to call his mom . Yes his mom . A very pretty woman with a pretty name “BOLT” . I was in contact with her and she fondly called me “my small husband”

I contacted her and she answered but didn’t help me because I was broke .

Made up my mind never to speak to her anymore so I deleted her number ( app) .

I woke up to an email from her son my supposed boyfriend at that time . I didn’t reply the mail and he continued sending.

He kept trying to see me by sending me promotional codes which I used because I had no choice.

He has been disturbing and guilt tripping me for years and Yes. I am tired !



A very pretty lady, 5’3 in height just like her name .

We met at a dinner organized by Twitter ng. I was strolling past the lobby (timeline ) when she said hi . Her smile was so mesmerizing and we were 20 mins into a conversation already .

I got her number ( app) and promised to text her and that was my greatest mistake .

I didn’t text her but surprisingly ,I woke up to an email from her.

Yo! Sis how did you get my contact ??

She never told me how she did but I suspect she had been stalking me .

We got talking and eventually started dating. . Months into our relationship I experienced my first abuse and it’s been on till date .

She constantly compared me to other men , she always asks me why I am broke , OPE replaced her good morning texts with “ what are your saving goals for the month,that car won’t buy itself”

I am tired . I deserve to be loved . A broke bisexual man like me deserves love too.



Piggy as I fondly called him was a sweet, God fearing and affectionate man.

Met him through a friend of mine and we noticed that we shared similar interests.

It was love at first sight I would say and it was bliss while it lasted .

He constantly reminded me of his love for him by sending me a gift of free money( #1,000 referral bonus, savings interest )which he new I loved .

My friend were Always happy when he decides to visit .

We had it going for months and he proved his worth.

I casually sent him money on a very faithful day and captioned it “for rainy days baby” , I felt so good as I could finally make my boyfriend happy and I always wanted to see him smile .

With the butterflies in my tummy ,I slept and woke up to a heavy downpour from out blue sky . I contacted piggy and he showed up by cuddling me up with a credit alert of the exact amount I sent him the previous day . I felt bad but we move yeah?

I constantly sent him cash with the same caption and it happened that rain will always fall the next day . I spoke with my pastor and he revealed to me some things which made me end the relationship.

Piggy started sending me emails .

I am here to say this .


This was the 30 mins call out conversation I had with the interviewer as I stepped in with my drip on Thursday morning at Atlantic FM Uyo .

this is a rare picture of me at the interview .

I am glad I’ve Been able to call out my abusers and I hope to heal. It will be a tough process , but the baby steps matter .❤️

Thank you all for sticking with me .❤️❤️