The $CMDX Token: About, Use cases, Utility.

About Comdex

  1. Traders are users of the platform with the intent to profit from the movement of the prices of cAssets on cSwap.
  2. Minters or borrowers are users who create the initial liquidity of cAssets on the platform. These users can lock up a range of Cosmos assets to mint cAssets. The collateralized debt position (CDP) created can be closed when the user returns the cAsset debt to unlock their collaterals.
  3. Liquidity providers are users that intend to earn trading fees and CMDX token rewards by providing liquidity in the form of cAsset pairs to liquidity pools on the cSwap.

The $CMDX Token

$CMDX Tokenomics

  1. Airdrops: 12.5% (12,500,000 CMDX)
  2. Community Dev Fund: 12.5% (12,500,000 CMDX)
  3. Treasury: 25% (25,000,000 CMDX)
  4. Team & Advisors: 25% (25,000,000 CMDX)
  5. Rewards: 25% (25,000,000 CMDX)

$CMDX Use Cases

  1. Governance :




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