The DeFi Gaming Coalition welcomes Lepricon!

The DeFi Gaming Coalition’s mission is to build an environment where modern and profitable decentralized financial services can be brought to a wider audience through gaming. We’re excited to announce that Lepricon will be joining us on this project, bringing exciting prediction markets, blockchain games, and NFT utility to the table!


The Lepricon platform is designed to promote widespread adoption by concentrating on both prediction-based gaming as well as native token staking and liquidity mining. Community developers may also use open source Software Development Kits to build games and incorporate NFT functionality into their dApps.

Stakeholders, developers, and gamers will all profit from gamified Decentralized Finance thanks to Lepricon, a community-owned and controlled prediction games platform (DeFi).


“We believe that gaming will be the first killer on-ramp to blockchain for mainstream audiences. An alliance of connected companies in the DeFi Gaming ecosystem will ensure we achieve that aim in a way which is best for our communities and for the industry as a whole.” — Joshua Galloway, Founder & CEO of Lepricon.d CEO

The typical DeFi incentive system is shifted with Lepricon, with the bulk of income going to the platform’s users, maintaining a community-first approach. The Shamrock Protocol, which rewards users for constructive behavior with Shamrock NFTs, which have a variety of uses, including increased native token staking rewards and can be traded on the secondary market, further incentivizes ecosystem support.
Lepricon aims to realize blockchain gaming’s untapped potential by offering a forum for gamified DeFi dApps with a strong emphasis on the user experience.


The goal is to fuse DeFi’s individuality with the gaming world. They are a legion of innovators, technological geniuses, gaming fanatics, and DeFi experts.They hope to increase the DeFi industry’s mass adoption and scalability by gamifying the Defi liquidity and using cutting-edge technology and products like NFTs.

By supporting creative efforts, bridging the gap between programs, and focusing on security, this project promotes the research of new protocols, services, and products in the DeFi and NFT industries. The aim is to build a powerful and resilient ecosystem with hundreds of projects at the crossroads of industries and talent from all over the world. The doors are wide open to new projects in order to give them a head start, as well as the means to form solid collaborations between existing projects.

The DGC is encouraging and promoting the growth of decentralized token-based economies for gamers, which has been on the horizon for years. Gamers may use this method to not only satisfy their competitive urges, but also to take advantage of modern financial services, take advantage of the many advantages of NFT technology for in-game goods and collectibles, and win lucrative rewards.

The DeFi Gaming Coalition will remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Want to learn more, and join the coalition? Head over to our site at

Lepricon’s Official links

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