The KeplerSwap Tokenomics

Bassey Saviour
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KeplerSwap is a blockchain-based, professional decentralized trading platform. It offers members a full solution to identity security, asset security, and autonomous trading on a combination of blockchains under the terms of a Decentralized Market Agreement.

As the presale event draws nearer, its important to have deep insights about the tokenomics as organized by keplerswap for the $SDS token.


The Seeds coin ($SDS) is Keplerswap’s native utility token. This is a requirement for a user to fully exploit the keplerswap protocol’s capabilities while also achieving decentralization and autonomy.
Holders of $SDS tokens have access to specific advantages and rights, as well as the ability to influence and vote on team decisions, thanks to the governance aspects.

Unlike other tokens , the $SDS token has a lot of use cases, and here are the following :

  • Transaction Fee Allocation,
    • Yield Farming,
    • LUCKY POOL reward,
    • Ecological Medium token,
    • Exchanges between Tokens,
    • Smart Aggregation,
    • SPACE Creation & Voting,
    • Airdrop,
    • Interests Conversion,
    • Token Pledged for Coin Listing
    • and other uses.


Total Supply —210M Tokens

80% — Mineable(through Yield Farming)
10% — For airdrops and market partnerships
10% — For project private placement

Transaction Fee/Trading Fee 95% — Return to users
5% — For EcologyDevelopment

$SDS Token Release Schedule

Here’s a quick rundown of everything to consider when deciding on a time period for a fully diluted market cap.

Pre Sale: 26th of September 2021. 6% of SDS is distributed for Presale

Public Sale: At the time of listing, 20% of the SDS provided for the Public Sale is unlocked and released on a daily basis for the next 5 months.

Airdrop: 10% of the SDS is distributed for Airdrops.

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