The Launch of The EPNS NFT Community Drops!

EPNS will show its appreciation by gifting customized NFTs to its community over the following 52 weeks. Here’s how the drips will be distributed, as well as how you may be involved.

EPNS launched its thanksgiving NFT collection #ROCKSTARS of EPNS last week, a set of 100 NFTs commissioned by Indian artists to convey its gratitude for the PUSH community’s outstanding support. There’s a lot to be thankful for after their Polkastarter IDO and Uniswap listings this week!

48 of the 100 NFTs will be given to a group of EPNS protocol early advisers, supporters, and evangelists who have helped us achieve so many milestones in the last year. Starting Monday, April 19, the remaining 52 NFTs will be distributed once a week to community members who continue to assist us in our effort to bring push notifications to Web3! Each NFT will be accompanied by a $PUSH! of 2,400.

Maybe you’ve been a long-time follower of EPNS, or maybe this is your first time participating in our mission! So, how do you get your hands on a #ROCKSTAR NFT?
EPNS will award one NFT every week (every Monday) to a member of the community who contributes to pushing the envelope ahead. The team will guard against gamification of this year-long community initiative, so we won’t just be looking at social media likes and engagement (and community members won’t have to do anything on social)!

So what are some ideas? Well, in no particular order, here are some things community members have done to assist the project.

  • Created some killer memes about EPNS and push notifications for web3 💪
  • Written a blog post explaining an element of the protocol or token design very clearly 🤓
  • Provided some top notch UX feedback on the protocol/dapp and how we can improve it 👨‍💻
  • Discovered a bug! And brought it to our attention so we could address it 🐛

These are just a few suggestions; feel free to be inventive, intellectual, or bizarre (or all three!).
The crew will always be on top of everything that the amazing community accomplishes, but the best way to get noticed is to use the #ROCKSTAR hashtag on Twitter to let EPNS know what you’re up to! EPNS will be able to see what people are doing and what others in the community have voiced support for each week, and winners will be recognized throughout the week.

About Ethereum Push Notification Service

EPNS is a decentralized notification protocol that enables users (wallet addresses) to receive notifications. Using the protocol, any dApp, service or smart contract can send notifications to users in a platform-agnostic fashion (mobile, tablet, web, user wallets, etc).

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I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.

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Bassey Saviour

Bassey Saviour

I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.

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