The Month of November with Unilend Finance.

Bassey Saviour
6 min readDec 7, 2021


November 2021 is over, and there are more updates to report than ever before. Beginning with the rebranding of UniLend’s extensive v2 protocol, which represents evolution in the product, vision, and core message in order to portray UniLend as a base layer in the DeFi space upon which dApps can be built, as well as achieving a major milestone of executing $25 million in Flash Loans, introducing Insider Series, announcing our homegrown UniLend Indian community, and much more. This month is jam-packed with fantastic news and a lot of hard work, which comes as no surprise!

Major Highlights

Connect the Dots Teaser

Something is brewing in UniLend Protocol on November 25th. Prepare for the biggest DeFi revolution yet. Connect the Dots to stay up to date on the latest news.

Checkout teaser here:

The Unilend V2 Name Release

The team analyzed over 10,000 names submitted by the Unilend community on November 10th! For the impending v2 launch, a fitting name was chosen.

Omnis, Making Every Asset Productive

Omnis is the Latin word for “every” which matches perfectly with our vision to introduce Permissionless Lending & Borrowing to every ERC20 token.

The name was suggested by Rishank Sharma which stood out the best for its core message, creativity & understanding. Rishank Sharma won a total of $500 in $UFT prize.

In the last three months, the use of flashloans has surged by 3,687 percent!

More than $25 Million worth of Flash Loans is being executed on Unilend’s Permissionless Protocol

Collaborations & Integrations

Knit Finance joined the UniLend Ecosystem!

Knit Finance is a decentralized system that allows you to create cross-chain wrappers for the top 200 assets.

Knit Finance’s wrapped non-ERC20 coins will be integrated to UniLend’s permission-less system as part of this agreement. UniLend protocol will be included into Knit Finance’s multi-chain platform.

Lend your $KFT & earn high APY:

Community Outreach & Education

50k Twitter followers achieved and surpassed!!

DeFi Live

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Chandresh Aharwar joined DeFi Live 2021

DeFi Live will include the most exciting DeFi initiatives and most significant technological advancements in the works to determine the future of Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, the Metaverse, and much more.

Chandresh Aharwar, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of DeFi, took part in an exciting Panel Discussion at DeFi Live 2021 to examine how decentralised finance is revolutionizing lending and borrowing.

Crypto Fest 2021

Watch Co-Founder Tarun Malik’s exciting DeFi Panel Discussion on Crypto Fest 2021 organised by Bitcoin Events!

Sandeep Nailwal (Co-founder of Polygon), industry enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and others will talk at Crypto Fest 2021 to explore real-world applications and the newest trends in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi.

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Tarun Malik along with other DeFi Projects had a panel discussion about moving towards a multi-chain world.

Watch Here:

Media Mentions

UniLend Omnis in Spotlight

With the buzz around v2 launch, UniLend was making headlines with its revolutionary permissionless lending and borrowing protocol!

Featured in major crypto news outlets:

Cointelegraph | | Cnyes China | Rust Wire | Thaifrx | CryptoNewsZ

Education — Insider Series

Insider Series: Introducing Isolated Dual Asset Lending Pools

Through the technical upgrade Omnis, the UniLend team has been working on developing permission-less lending and borrowing to enable money markets for all assets.

Users will be able to construct a Dual Asset Pool for the first time, allowing permissionless lending and borrowing for any pair of assets.

Security against the volatility of digital assets, allowing users to better control their risk while dealing with high-risk assets.

Know how to gain from Isolated Dual Asset Pools:

Insider Series: How to Long or Short Any Asset Using UniLend Omnis

Users will be able to utilize a wide range of novel DeFi methods using the UniLend protocol, which will be made feasible by the permission-less listing of all crypto assets.

Read more here:


Live AMA Session in ID Crypto Official Community | $100 in $UFT was up for grabs!

Community Initiatives & Updates

Growing UniLend’s Global Reach: UniLend Indian Community 🇮🇳

In order to keep up with our massive community growth we have launched our seventh regional community after Korean 🇰🇷, Philippines 🇵🇭 , Nigeria 🇳🇬, Vietnam 🇻🇳 , Indonesia 🇮🇩 & Turkish 🇹🇷


1000 UFT Free Giveaways to 100 Winners!

October’s Shield of Excellence Award Goes to Tahira Siddiqui

She has been a staunch supporter from the start, and she has worked tirelessly to spread the word about the UniLend DeFi revolution across the cryptosphere with her expert infographics, GIFs, movies, and content. We value her efforts and would want to thank her with $100 in $UFT as a gesture of our gratitude.

October’s Pride of UniLend Award Goes to Harshil Shah

Twitter Spaces

Held Special UniLend Omnis Ed Twitter Spaces Session


Indeed, the month of November was great for the Unilend team.

The UnilendV2 Omnis launch has been able to propel this project and give room for more utility to the $UFT token.

Better achievements to come in DECEMBER

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