The Next Revolution of Finance with Keplerswap

Introducing DeFi 2.0

Defi is defined as a digitally based financial ecosystem that uses a common infrastructure. Traditional financial services such as borrowing, lending, and trading are available in this universe, but they function on a public network, which means that anybody with an internet connection can access them. For producing and issuing assets over this network, open-source protocols or modular frameworks are used. Below are the list of different problems solved by the Defi ecosystem.

  • Assets Tokenization

About Defi 1.0

DeFi 1.0 took place mostly on the Ethereum blockchain, with the issue that simple DeFi transactions were either expensive or slow, and that they were not interoperable.


A decentralized financial system DeFi2.0 is the required stage to exit DeFi1.0’s savage era. It will progressively abolish the cold, single mining incentives and continue to give a more forward-looking driving power, and it will be a new world of financial ecology in the future, thanks to people’s connections.

With DeFi 2.0, Liquidity providers become the core set of people connected to the community . This system uses a liquidity reward structure as an entry point, with each reward tied to a future user’s transaction.

How Keplerswap Will Lead The Revolution

With an On-chain protocol set with Keplerswap, interface protocols will be defined for independent public chains such as ETH, Heco, EOS, etc,which can easily realize the exchange of digital assets on different public chains and perfectly supporting the on-chain implementation of the DeFi protocol thereby having more people contribute to the mining pool liquidity will help the whole ecology Ecosystem development.

As the explorer of DeFi 2.0, KeplerSwap aims to make the platform the most open and innovative decentralized ecosystem. KeplerSwap also aims to establish a completely open financial innovation platform. Where all the platform members have the right to propose financial innovations. After the vote is passed, all members can jointly complete the proposed financial innovation.

Introducing Keplerswap

KeplerSwap is a professional decentralized trading platform that is built on blockchain technology. Under a Decentralized Market Agreement [3], it provides participants with a comprehensive solution to identity security, asset security, and autonomous trading on a combination of blockchains.

Based on Kepler-22b discovery, the Kepler team is inspired by the idea that Kepler can become the next perfect livable planet in the universe. To the team, Kepler represents a new beginning for civilization living without pollution, war, boundary, totalitarianism, and unfairness.

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