The Special NFT Collection “Zodiac NFT, Lucky Prize, Lucky Year” will be released by Creator, Mirana, and Comic Coin in collaboration.

Creator platform recently partnered with Comic coin and in that regards , both teams have decided to celebrate this strategic partnership by launching an NFT titled “Zodiac NFT, Lucky Prize, Lucky Year”

About The NFT Collection

This collection, which was inspired by the Asian Animal Zodiac, includes 15 characters who represent 13 Zodiac animals and wear stylish outfits and attractive face-wears, as well as God of Wealth and Earth God.

Thirteen distinct species’ unique generative characteristics Zodiac is one of the oldest universal symbolic languages, and thanks to this unique collection of numbered NFTs, it has been pushed to the forefront in the present period.

Two Box types will be available in the Exclusive Zodiac NFT Collection Sale Event:

  1. Zodiac Treasure Box (13 Zodiac signs + 2 Lucky Cards)
  2. Full Luck Treasure Box ( 13 Zodiac signs + 1 God of Wealth + 1 Earth God + 4 Lucky Cards)

Get Lucky and Win A Prize

NFT owners can surprise their family and relatives with that special virtual gift by putting all 13 Zodiac NFT in the Treasure Box.

For every 2 types of Treasure Box purchased, you will get Lucky Card together with Lucky Number to join our Superior Lottery Event with prize pool as:

  • 01 First Prize: 30,000 BUSD
  • 02 Second Prize: 5,000 BUSD
  • 05 Third Prize: 2,000 BUSD
  • 20 Fourth Prize: 500 BUSD

N.B. More details on the sale event, whitelist and timeline will be revealed on Jan 17th. Be prepared and don’t miss the chance to own a Zodiac Treasure Box.!!

Find out more about Creator:
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I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.

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Bassey Saviour

Bassey Saviour

I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.

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