Bassey Saviour
3 min readAug 14, 2021


In the past year, UniLend has pushed the boundaries of hard work in their aim to unlock the full potential of #DeFi by bringing all crypto into one comprehensive platform.

Here is the full story of UNILEND FINANCE:


Public sale: Wildly successful endeavor with 300x Oversubscription.

The overwhelming response from the community on our Initium Testnet.

Launched Permissionless Flash Loans, a revolutionary #DeFi strategy

Cross-Chain Integration

Lending and flash loans went live on @0xPolygon

UniLend went full Permissionless, allowing any user to start a liquidity pool without the involvement of the UniLend team.

Backing Partners

Some of the early supporters include @Woodstockfund, @3commas_io, @AU21Capital, @Coin98Ventures, @KrypitalGroup,@sandeepnailwal

(Co-Founder of Polygon)


$UFT is a very liquid asset and is traded on world’s leading exchange @binance and many more @WazirXIndia and @CoinDCX also listed $UFT and have since supported the Unilend vision $UFT is present on major DEXs like @Uniswap,@SushiSwap, @QuickswapDEX and @_DFyn


Unilend has forged 50+ strategic partnerships with valuable industry players to stay ahead of the game by offering our platform users the best possible DeFi experience.

Partnership Spotlight


Developer Initiatives

Unilend is always looking to empower & support entrepreneurs,developers, and enthusiasts throughout the industry.

The team hosts a plethora of hackathons, inspiring young devs to build a suite of DeFi applications.

UniLend launched a $1M Grant in May 2021

Community Outreach

UniLend has grown to an outreach of 100k+ across more than 10 content distribution channels with more than 6 regional communities.

They have supported and attended a wide variety of global events, meetups, interviews, & countless AMAs in the past 12 months.

Events Spotlight

DeFi and Lending: UniLend and @InjectiveLabs Asia’s Biggest Ethereum Hackathon EtherPunk 2021 alongside @ETHIndiaco.

Asia Innovation Summit in collaboration with @LabsLumos

Closing Remarks

This has been a remarkable journey in realizing the Unilend goal of unleashing DeFi’s entire potential.

Unilend appreciates the support of its community members along this journey.

UniLend Finance and our backers have a lot more in store.

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