Unilend Finance Achievements for the month of September 2021

UniLend has forged ahead in the DeFi area, establishing itself as a prominent voice. Teams that thrive in the face of cryptocurrency volatility are special; this month, UniLend has proven beyond reasonable doubt that its one of those teams with over:

Here is what the team achieved in the month of September.


On the 30th of September, by executing more than $7 million in Flash Loans using our Permissionless Protocol, the unilend team reached a significant milestone.

Link to App: https://app.unilend.finance

Step by Step guide to Lend Any token

With the growing popularity of our Permissionless Protocol, $6.8 million in flash loans have been completed on the Polygon chain, and over $240,000 in flash loans have been completed on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Traction has been building massively on our recently launched Binance Smart Chain.

This is a major move for unilend towards achieving its vision of unlocking the true potential of DeFi by welcoming all of the crypto onto one comprehensive platform.

More than 25 Tokens are now Listed on UniLend Permissionless Protocol!

September 27:

On the #permissionless protocol, more than 25 Tokens are now listed for lending and flash loans capabilities.

The Permissionless Protocol is currently live on the three largest blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain, just six months after the V1 debut which is just the beginning of the revolution of welcoming 9000+ assets to UniLend with our upcoming V2 launch.

If you haven’t lent, start your lending journey here & earn high APY

Dive into the Unilend lending guide and permissionless protocol TODAY!

More than 284,000 Coin98 Wallet users have access to UniLend’s Permissionless Protocol

September 01:

The Unilend Team integrated Coin98 Wallet into its dApp, allowing more than 284,000 Coin98 Wallet users to access the permissionless protocol.

Coin98 offers a streamlined non-custodial, multi-chain crypto wallet that acts as a gateway into decentralized finance.

UniLend’s cutting-edge DeFi services, which support a total of 22 different chains, are available to Coin98 wallet users via their cellphones and internet.

Checkout Coin98 wallet on Unilend dApp: https://app.unilend.finance/

NB: UniLend Permissionless DApp is live on Coin98 Wallet DApp Browser where Coin98 users can directly access the suite of our DeFi services through Coin98 Mobile App or even via Coin98 Extension Wallet.

Exchange & Aggregator Listings

UniLend’s UFT got listed on Matcha!

UniLend’s $UFT became available for trading on StealthEX Exchange!

Collaborations & Integrations

  • UniLend will be integrated into CoinFantasy’s next-generation decentralized fantasy gaming platform, allowing for multi-chain transactions!
  • PolkaCover Joins the UniLend Ecosystem to Provide Custodial Wallet Insurance For Our Users!
  • UniLend Finance is welcomed Impossible Finance as our IDO Lending Partner!
  • UniLend Empowered Unreal Finance’s $UGT Token with Flash Loans and Lending Functionality!
  • UniLend welcomed DeSpace to Ecosystem!
  • UniLend Finance welcomed Forward Protocol to Ecosystem!
  • Uno Re was welcomed to UniLend Ecosystem!

Community Outreach & Education


UniLend Finance became the Official Lending Partner of Polycom 2021

To promote its objective and vision, Unilend set up a #UniLendFinance Booth at the metaverse conference and took part in a variety of activities and distributed airdrops and freebies to the community , giveaway was also held in honor of 5 #PolyCon tickets in our community.

Live Panel Discussions

  • Unilend Joined LATOKEN Community for a Live Panel Discussion

Vishal and Ayush connected with the LATOKEN community to discuss UniLend’s Permissionless Protocol, mission, and how we’re revolutionizing the DeFi space and answer all questions regarding UniLend.\

  • Unilend Joined Panel Discussion at #PolyCon2021

Ayush discussed the Polygon framework and how it’s building a better world for the ecosystem.


  • The EPIC Permissionless Protocol Guide!

Check out the Walkthrough here where Unilend demonstrates through an example how a high APY lending pool of any token can be created on their Binance Smart Chain protocol in just a few simple steps.

  • Unilend introduces more learning opportunities with #EdUniLend!

This initiative is taken by a team of bright youngsters at UniLend with a passion to educate the world about the crypto-sphere.

Checkout the GitBook for more details : https://docs.unilend.finance/untitled

  • UniLend Intern released MetaMask Wallet Guide

Checkout guide here: shorturl.at/fwCP4

Community Initiatives & Updates

  • AMAs in Global UniLend Community
  • Live AMA with DeSpace | $100 was up for grabs!
  • AMA & Telegram Quiz with Unreal Finance | $700 worth of $UGT Was Up For Grabs!

Twitter Spaces in UniLend Community

  • Unlend Held its First-Ever UniLend Twitter Space Session

The Topic discussed was: Decentralised Finance

This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone interested in DeFi to hear directly from industry experts and have all of their questions answered.

Community Quiz in UniLend Community

  • Community Quiz with Unreal Finance | $200 in $UGT Was Up For Grabs.

Meme Competition Winners

  • The team also announced the Binance Smart Chain x UniLend MEME Contest Winners, Celebrating the launch on Binance Smart Chain.


  • Unilend Airdropped community members 5000 $UGT


  • There was a $50 $UFT Twitter Space Giveaway in the month of september.

To be up to date with the recent Unilend happenings ensure to follow the following profiles.

Website | Telegram Community | Announcements Channel | Twitter | Blog | Github | Reddit | Instagram




I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.

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Bassey Saviour

Bassey Saviour

I’m a relatable life writer . Currently developing content for Web3, Defi and blockchain projects and communities.

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