UniLend Finance and Mobius Finance Team Up in DeFi to Disrupt Money Markets

About UniLend Finance

UniLend is building a permissionless! DeFi Base Layer for Lending, Borrowing, Flash Loans, Tokenization of Money Market positions.

About Mobius Finance

Mobius Finance is the first multi-collateral synthetic platform on Polygon that can create and trade any asset, including off-chain stocks, ETFs, and commodities; powered by our risk control algorithm, we allow users to trade any asset with zero-slippage and low fees.

About moUSD

The moUSD token is a stablecoin issued through Mobius Finance, all moUSD in circulation are minted against collateral in order to maintain its 1–1 dollar peg.

Read More about moUSD Here:

About this Partnership

This collaboration will benefit both parties in the following ways:

  • Once integrated onto Mobius Finance, the protocol will allow users to trade multiple assets (including Stocks, ETFs, and Forex Markets) with zero slippage.
  • moUSD will be integrated into UniLend Finance Omnis after launch, allowing borrowing and lending of the stablecoin.
  • No fees are charged by the platform for both minting and burning (borrowing and paying back your debt)

About UniLend OMNIS

UniLend Finance Version 2 (OMNIS) is more than just an incremental update — it marks a significant evolutionary milestone for UniLend. It enables users to list a token on the protocol and straightaway access the DeFi services without any barriers.

Learn more about Unilend here:

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