Unilend Finance partners with Covalent HQ

With much development from the Unilend finance team behind scenes, it's a great milestone being crossed here as a technical partnership between UniLend Finance and the leading blockchain querying service Covalent has taken place .


UniLend allows permissionless listing of any crypto asset to enable lending and borrowing, unlocking the true potential of DeFi. In addition, this partnership with Covalent will enable us to get data about highly complex movements and operations in a collated manner.

Covalent offers unified APIs that give total asset transparency and visibility across all blockchains. Their advanced indexing and query engine seamlessly covers a wide range of use cases and ties together our efforts at UniLend. For a seamless experience, we’ll use Covalent’s API services to query blockchain data across Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.


“As we move ahead into the development of our product, technical collaboration with projects like Covalent will help us deliver advanced, secure and robust product”

Chandresh Aharwar, CEO of UniLend Finance

“Unilend is one of the forward-thinking DeFi protocols in the space. We look forward to collaborating with UniLend, supporting its mission to unlock the true potential of DeFi by bringing visibility with the Covalent API.”

Ganesh Swami, CEO of Covalent


Covalent provides a uniform API that allows assets to be fully transparent and visible across all blockchain networks. Covalent’s patented technology allows for a “no-code” solution that addresses a wide range of use-cases, including wallets, exchanges, custodians, and taxation. Furthermore, their API provides easy access to normalized, unified, and granular data.

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