Unilend Finance Update for October 2021

October was a very good and profitable month for the Unilend finance team.

With the buzz about the V2 launch and other recent developments, the team has crossed great hurdles and also achieved great milestones.


Below are the major highlights of the month:

Major Highlights

Introducing UniLend v2, the Future of DeFi

October 12 birthed a great revolution in DeFi as the highly anticipated UniLend v2 protocol to the world.

With version 2, UniLend will be the 1st protocol ever to introduce Permissionless Lending & Borrowing for ALL #ERC20 tokens targeting the untapped $500+ Billion market.

Read More Here: https://bit.ly/3mrARQn

Watch the v2 Teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxju6H4jnC8

UniLend v2 Key Highlights

✔Permissionless Lending and Borrowing

✔Isolated Dual Asset Pool

✔Concentrated Liquidation

✔On-Chain Price Feeds

✔Flexible Lending, Flash Loans

✔High-Security features

✔Non-Fungible Tokenization

✔More than $10 million worth of Flash Loans are now executed on the Permissionless Protocol.


With the growing popularity of the unilend permissionless protocol, the Polygon chain is presently processing $8.9 million flash loans, and the recently established Binance Smart Chain is processing more than $1.1 million flash loans.

You can start your lending journey here & earn high APY: https://app.unilend.finance

See the lending guide and permissionless protocol TODAY!

Watch uBoost tutorial here & try it yourself: https://youtu.be/Z33dhJpOLgo

Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary of UniLend’s $UFT Token!

UniLend’s $UFT has developed immensely thanks to its presence on three major blockchains: Polygon, Ethereum, and #BSC. It now has over 6800 token holders, 13 new listings, community incentives, utilities, and much more.

Released of the UniLend v2 Website

On the 21st of october the Buzz around the upcoming UniLend version 2 was high and a dedicated v2 website was finally released.

Here’s the Link to the website: https://unilend.finance/v2.html

Check out the full Introductory Blog here: https://t.co/fe2MEop0Ad

UniLend’s $UFT got listed on AscendEX Global via UFT/USDT trading pairs!

$UFT was listed on AscendEX Global, one of the most well-known crypto exchanges, on October 18th, with UFT/USDT trading pairs.

Check out the newly listed UFT/USDT trading pair here: http://bit.ly/3FTICWS

With the addition of this listing, $UFT deposits and withdrawals are now available via the Polygon network, making cash transfers more inexpensive.

Collaborations & Integrations

  • UniLend Finance Ushering the new era of Transparency with Covalent!
  • UniLend collaborated with Forward Protocol to provide permissionless lending in the Ed Tech space!
  • Unilend Empowered Nord Finance’s $NORD with Lending & Flash Loans Functionality!

Community Outreach & Education

Live Panel Discussion

Unilends Co-Founder Tarun Malik’s joined Live #DeFi Panel Discussion at Crypto Fest 2021 organised by Bitcoin Events!

Twitter Spaces

UniLend’s Co-Founders Special “UniLend v2” Twitter Space Session at Polygon


Live AMA Session in DeSpace TG Community | $100 in $UFT was up for grabs!

Live AMA Session in StealthEX TG Community | $100 in $UFT was up for grabs!

Live AMA Session with AscendEX Global Community | $100 in $UFT was up for grabs!

Live AMA Session in Wealthy Talkz Community | $100 in $UFT was up for grabs!

Community Outreach

Unilend’s Product Lead, Saksham Jain shared UniLend Finance’s Journey at IIITH’s Industry Interaction Seminar organised by TalentSprint.


Complete Guide to Setup Polygon Chain on Metamask Wallet

Community Initiatives & Updates

UniLend v2 Naming Contest

Clubhouse Session

Unilend Finance was privledged to host its First Ever UniLend Clubhouse Session.


$12,000 worth of $UFT Grand Community Giveaway with AscendEX!

AMA in UniLend Global Community

AMA Session in UniLend with Covalent


Unilend Finance really had a great October and it is worth celebrating.

With more developments for V2 to come , you can predics a better month in November.🚀🚀

Learn More About Unilend Here

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