Unilend Omnis releases whitepaper

Bassey Saviour
2 min readFeb 2, 2022


Unilend launched its V2 product called “OMNIS” in the late hours of 2021 and within a short period of time, it gained massive attraction and the buzz was all over social media.

In the early hours of 2022, they have just released their whitepaper which is set to capture all about the V2 “OMNIS”.

This article will capture what to expect and a firsthand link to the whitepaper.

Products & Services

With version 2, UniLend will introduce Permissionless Lending & Borrowing for all #ERC20 tokens.

Unlocking #flashloan functionality for every token in #DeFi.

Protocol Architecture:Dual Asset Pool

Users can create Dual Asset Pool enabling Permissionless #Lending & #Borrowing for any pair of assets

This will help lenders & borrowers mitigate risk with flexible lending options

Incentives user with dynamic interest rate model.

Protocol Architecture: Interest Rate Model

Utilising an interest rate model to achieve an efficient #interest rate equilibrium, in every lending & borrowing pool, based on the supply & demand of the respective assets.

Protocol Architecture: On-chain Price Oracles

#UniLend protocol will support price feeds from various sources including @chainlink,@BandProtocol,@Uniswap V3 TWAP oracle.

Making protocol more flexible to adapt to changing market and innovations in #DeFi space.

Protocol Architecture: Liquidation

The team has created a new concept of “Concentrated Liquidations”, to solve the illiquidity issue for small cap assets and improve the experience for liquidators by managing multiple liquidations in a single transaction.

Protocol Architecture: Liquidation

Flexibility for liquidators to optimize their strategy by switching between Concentrated & traditional liquidation mechanisms as per requirements.

Protocol Architecture: Non-Fungible Liquidity

Implementing #NFTs as certificates for equities. NFT will represent as lender’s right to withdraw funds from the pool.

These NFTs will determine users’ positions in the pool and are transferable.

Here is the whitepaper


Unilend is dedicated to bringing true decentralization to the DeFi ecosystem and making every digital asset productive.